Passenger: ‘If I Can Write A Hit Once, Maybe I Can Do It Again. If I Can’t, Who Cares?’

It’s safe to say that Mike Rosenberg – aka Passenger – has had one hell of a decade. After the runaway success of his breakthrough single, Let Her Go – currently sitting at a not-unimpressive total of 2.8 billion YouTube views and 1.2 billion Spotify streams – Mike decamped back to his native Brighton and set about trying to process what the hell had just happened. His new album, Songs For The Drunk and Broken Hearted, is out in January, so we caught up with Mike to chat about writing and reco

Georgia Twinn pairs teen angst with unapologetic pop bombast on “You Shouldn’t Have F****d With Me”

Let’s face it: being a teenager can be hard work. Not only do you have to contend with the fact that everything about you is changing faster than a Q2 2020 album release date, but you have also got to attempt to juggle your schoolwork, your personal relationships, and your social life. For some, these are the best years of your life; for others, it is a time that they would rather forget ever existed. Fortunately, Georgia Twinn has managed to take those probably-better-forgotten moments of adol

Lauren Aquilina delivers a sombre eulogy to a friendship gone awry on “Best Friend”

Bristol-born singer-songwriter Lauren Aquilina returns with the melancholy and raw “Best Friend”, the second single to be taken from her forthcoming new EP. Have you ever been ghosted? Lauren Aquilina has, by her best friend, and it sucked. Fortunately, she’s managed to take that pain, put it on a page, and transform it into her utterly gorgeous new single, “Best Friend”. It’s an introspective and brutally honest acoustic ballad about how it feels to be ignored by somebody who you thought woul

Bristol’s JUMBO deliver a tantalisingly wonky indie-pop debut on “Platypus / Witch”

JUMBO – otherwise known as Joe Sherrin and Kane Eagle – cut their teeth playing with local cult heroes SLONK and Fenne Lily , and on their first outing as a duo, “Platypus / Witch”, the more melodic side of their sensibilities shines through. Remember those long, hazy summer evenings spent lounging around a campfire with your best friends? JUMBO have bottled that feeling, popped a couple of choruses on top of it, and shared it with the world in the form of their instantaneous double A-side, “Pl

Frank Turner: ‘I Think That Getting Angry With The World On The Internet Is The Most Titanic Waste Of Time Imaginable…’

Over the last sixteen years, he’s played 2484 solo shows, released seven studio albums, and written two books. But now, he’s stuck indoors like everybody else. So, to pass the time, we caught up with Frank to talk settling in to life in lockdown; whether a potentially great songwriter must first become a great storyteller; and the roots of his anti-authoritarianism. First things first – how are you coping with current events? ‘I’m as well as can be given the mad circumstances we’re all living

Plymouth University's Students' Union Were Wrong To Ban The Sun, The Express, And The Mail - Here's Why

No matter how much you despise them, the fact remains that the Daily Mail and The Sun are the most widely-circulated newspapers in the country. By banning them from being sold in the campus shop, the Students' Union have shielded their students from the views of a large chunk of this country's population, and have shied away from encouraging the sort of open and well-informed debate that should be at the heart of any university.

This Is Why Young People Are Sick of British Politics

If I had a pound for every time a friend told me that 'politicians never listen to people like us', then I'd be a very rich man. I can't blame my friends for thinking like that, because there's a part of me that thinks it's true. I mean, how can I defend these 'old white men shouting at each other', when they've given me little to no evidence that they actually care about the opinions of young people? It's time for the politicians of this country to wake up and acknowledge that the voices of young people matter. Then - and only then - will we start to listen to them.

'Disarmingly melodic': fans (and a newbie) review Radiohead's new single Burn the Witch

Turns out Radiohead are still going. Not only that, they’re back with a new single, with a slightly disturbing video that will curdle the childhood memories of many a Brit. Is the song a return to their unsettling best? Or does - whisper it - the comeback feel a bit safe, like the kind of thing their arena-rock peers Coldplay might bash out on a sunny Sunday afternoon? We asked our readers what they made of the returning alt-rock titans. From longstanding fans to someone who has never heard a